We are passionate about adapting to your needs

The Art of consistency in a changing world

The web industry is moving fast. Yet, more now than ever before, things need to be reliable, responsive and secure. That is why we focus on the skills that really matter and make the difference between good and great.

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Brands we have served

Part of our work has been to provide directly or indirectly services to big names with a presence on the Web. This includes Microsoft Lumia, O2, Vodafone, DTZ, Knight Frank, Sharp, among others. From small to great, our services met the needs.

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Skills we focus on

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    The cloud to serve you. Dozens of services for every needs.

  • PHP

    Dynamic websites running fast, providing personalised contents to your visitors

  • Nginx, Apache, Varnish

    Serve your websites.

  • Load balancing

    Availability assured through multi geographic zones.

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL

    Space to save your data.

  • Cloudfront, S3

    Media served fast, around the world. Nobody likes to wait.

  • Auto Scaling

    Grow with your traffic, pay what you use, no more no less.

  • HTML, Javascript, CSS

    What you can see.

  • Linux

    The heart of your system.

What they say

Eliot Fallon

Olivier is a very talented developer. He is knowledgeable and very hard working. I learnt a great deal from him and it was great to be part of the same team..

Roman Piekarski

I have been working with Olivier on the same project for around a year. He is a very focused and open minded developer, delivering high quality products. He has a big bunch of knowledge about programming and networking which makes him a very efficient and effective developer. Always ready to help and share his knowledge with everyone, very friendly and nice person:) It was a personal pleasure to work with him.

Richard Mason

I would definitely recommend Olivier as both a Web Developer and as a System Administrator. I have found him to have a very strong eye for detail, and a dedicated approach to his work.

Andy Lucas

Visual Purple has used Olivier's considerable talents to service one of our clients’ needs. His meticulous attention to detail has been outstanding and noted by that client.