Skills we focus on

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    The cloud to serve you. Dozens of services for your every needs in a secure environment.

  • Golang, PHP

    Dynamic websites running fast, providing personalised contents to your visitors.

  • Nginx, Apache, Varnish

    Responds instantly to serve your websites.

  • Jenkins

    Automatise backup, testing, deployments

  • Load balancing

    Availability and durability assured through multiple geographic zones.

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL

    Data is one of the most precious asset in any business. Secure and protect it.

  • Cloudfront, S3

    Media served fast, around the world and easily handles traffic peaks. Protects against attacks.

  • Nagios, Pingdom

    Monitoring and alerting for your services availability

  • Auto Scaling

    Grows with your traffic, pay only for what you use, no more no less.

  • HTML, Javascript, CSS

    Responsive to adapt to any screen and a small footprint to load fast.

  • Linux

    The heart of your system. Secure and capable of handling all your web services.